4in1 2008

6.Aug.2008 - 9.Aug.2008

Four in One Mega Show Challenges You to Achieve the Success at Indonesian Market

The great series exhibition of INDOPLAS, INDOPACK, INDOFOODTEC and INDOPRINT 2008, will soon prove its existence to the business world. From 6 – 9 August 2008, this exhibition will be advancing for international cooperation, economical and technological exchange in whole plastics, packaging, food technology, and printing industry. On the first quarter of 2008, PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur, as the organizer of this Four-in One Mega-Show has been convinced by the exhibitor from both of Indonesian and world-wide companies.
Since these shows provide a distinct depiction of the existence business and opportunities in Indonesia, Prayag Polytech (P)., Ltd (Masterbatch, from India), Anfu (Moulding Machine from China), TAMI (Taiwan Association Machinery Industry), Italian Trade, Holotek (Hologram Packaging), PT. Billplast (Plastic Injection Machinery), Petrochemical Group (Raw Materials), Karya Taruna, PT (China Machine), PT. Mahkota and PT. Victory have been signed up to participate at the INDOPLAS 2008 show, while Panca Guna (China and Taiwan Machinery), will soon come afterwards.
Meanwhile, INDOPACK 2008 which has always been designed with its unique concept is also fond of by the local company accessories packaging machinery, Guangzhou Vanta Packing machinery Co., Ltd (from China), Lidwan Pack and CV. Korin Machinery have confirmed to re-join us.
Featuring Water Section and Cold Chain Pavilion in our innovative hall design of INDOFOODTEC 2008, along with the support from Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association (ABWA) and Indonesian Cold Chain Association (ARPI), a comprehensive showcase of the focusing water section and cold chain processing products will be on display. Confirmed exhibitor for the INDOFOODTEC includes Hebei Yuema International Trade Co. Ltd (Raw Materials company from China), as well as Lidwan Food, Samafitro, and Graha Citra Solusindo from Indonesia.

The satisfied Indonesian exhibitors of INDOPRINT 2007, such as PT.Modern Photo, PT.Asaba, PT.Digital Visualisasi Technologies (DVT), Indokarta, Bright Arts, Bintang Cakra, Riau Andalan, J-Tech, Markamitra, PT. Microlux Indonesia surely have been signed up to re-participate at the upcoming INDOPRINT 2008 Show. As well as PT. Astra Graphia, Cyber, and PEAIC have confirmed their participation.

Concurrent with the exhibition, there will be related seminars where the experts and appropriate speakers will be invited to introduce the latest development trends and challenges on each industry, and share their successful business experience to the audience during the seminar at the show.

This Four-in-One Mega-Show keeps continuing to present and share the innovative technology to satisfy the global demand. Endorsed by several associations, the repeating success of the shows is definitely recognized. Taking a place at The Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, the shows will be held from 6 – 9 August 2008, at 10:00 – 19:00. Now, we challenge you to achieve your success together with us at INDOPLAS, INDOPACK, INDOFOODTEC and INDOPRINT 2008 shows.

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