IndoAutomotive 2013

23.May.2013 - 25.May.2013

IndoAutomotive 2013 is PT Wakeni's 6th Edition of the Automotive Trade Show. It provides the perfect platform to showcase the wide range of services available, what is in new and innovative in the market and what is most suitable and the best deals available in the industry.IndoAuto 2013 is a one stop for buyers and sellers, a MUST.

for the progressive company to maintain brand image and raise its profile in the market place. It is the connection place where the pulse of the thriving automotive industry can be felt, experienced and benefitted.

Indonesia is South East Asia's largest economy and population but its ratio of car ownership is among the lowest in the region at 32 cars per 1000 persons. With rising incomes, urbanization and a concerted push by the government to spur demand for low emission cars, the automotive industry, cars, parts and after sales services is set to soar in the coming years. 2013 spells potential for growth with an economy of stable inflation and interest rates. Indonesia is slated for a bigger and stronger performance with some very positive predictions that vehicle sales will jump as high as 50% over the next five years to meet growing demands of the working class. In particular, minivans and compact cars may possibly escalate in sales. This translates to a very thriving 'after sales' automotive industry where maintenance and parts are certain to grow substantially in tandem with this surge in car sales.

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